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  • A G Barr plc
    Cumbernauld, United Kingdom
    As well as IRN-BRU, our range of popular soft drinks brands includes Rubicon, Barr Flavours range, Strathmore spring water, KA, Simply juice drinks, Tizer, D’N’B, Sun Exotic and St Clements juices. We also have a partnership with US company Rockstar Inc. to sell and distribute their Rockstar energy drink brand in the UK and Ireland and a partnership with Snapple Beverage Corp to sell and distribute their Snapple brand in the UK and certain other EU territories. In 2018 we also introduced new partnership deals with Italian soft drinks producer San Benedetto, and Australian soft drinks company Bundaberg Brewed Drinks. For more information, please visit our website.
  • Cotswold Fayre Ltd - Wholesale Distributer
    Reading, United Kingdom
    We are a speciality & fine food wholesale distributor, delivering a knowledgeable and experienced consolidation service and offering a large range of both ambient and chilled products. We work in close partnership with our suppliers to provide customers with promotions, sample stock, in-store tastings and a fair pricing strategy applicable to all types of retailers from independents to the major grocers.
  • S H S Drinks
    Brockworth, United Kingdom
    SHS Drinks is part of the SHS Group (a privately owned family business), we own, manufacture and market soft and alcoholic drinks. We are made up of four operating companies: Beverage Brands, Merrydown plc, Bottlegreen and Caledonian Bottlers. Our brand portfolio includes WKD, Shloer adult soft drink, Merrydown cider, and Bottlegreen cordial and sparkling pressé. We export to over 40 countries and our sales and distribution in the UK and Ireland is co-ordinated by our dedicated sales teams.
  • Alfresco Drinks
    High Wycombe, United Kingdom
  • Bardsley Farms
    Staplehurst, United Kingdom
  • The Berry Company
    London, United Kingdom
  • Big Time Soft Drinks Ltd
    Wolverhampton, United Kingdom
  • Black Mountain Mineral Water Co
    Hereford, United Kingdom
  • Blenheim Natural Mineral Water
    Woodstock, United Kingdom
  • Catering Services Supplies Ltd
    Glasgow, United Kingdom
  • Chegworth Valley Juices
    Maidstone, United Kingdom
  • Clearly Drinks Ltd
    Southwick, United Kingdom
  • Corinthian Brands Limited
    Knaresborough, United Kingdom
  • Crown Confectionery
    Norwich, United Kingdom
  • David Berryman Ltd
    Luton, United Kingdom
  • Ella Drinks Ltd
    Brechin, United Kingdom
  • Freedom Brands
    Paisley, United Kingdom
  • Fresh Organic Products Ltd
    London, United Kingdom
  • Godstone Vineyards
    Godstone, United Kingdom
  • Gran Steads Ginger Ltd
    Portslade, United Kingdom

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