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  • (All Pallets Ltd)
    Eastbourne, United Kingdom – The Responsible Plastic Pallet Company – is the UK’s leading independent supplier of plastic pallets and pallet boxes and also stocks a comprehensive range of small containers, crates and trays. Not only do we offer the largest range of plastic pallets available in Europe, more than 96% of the plastic pallets we supply are made from recycled material. As the first supplier in our industry to launch our own Recycling Scheme – we are leading the way in sustainability. Our mission is to create more sustainable supply chains by providing long lasting, reusable plastic pallets and boxes, and ensuring they are responsibly recycled at the end of their use. Cleaner, safer and more durable than alternatives, our plastic pallets, boxes and small containers offer 100% size and strength consistency, making them ideal for use in automated systems. We pride ourselves on our dedicated customer support and expert technical knowledge and we commit ourselves to matching customers with the best product for their application. All of our plastic pallets – as well as some of our small containers – are available for immediate, next day delivery!
  • Polymer Logistics
    Dudley, United Kingdom
    Polymer Logistics is a leader in high-impact product presentation and efficient supply chain packaging systems and technologies. Utilizing world-class reusable polymer-based transport, storage and display products, along with industry-leading technology for real-time data-analysis, asset management, and pooling services, we re-engineer how to ship perishable products. At Polymer Logistics, our innovative products and systems are designed in collaboration with our business partners. Our team of engineers work closely with our end-users to help protect product freshness and quality (reduce waste, labour costs, packaging and products damage) and implement smarter, more efficient technologies and solutions that reduce total system cost. Every day, we re-imagine how polymers can streamline shipping while beautifying retail presentation and enhancing the overall shopping experience.
    Wellingborough, United Kingdom

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