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  • Contact Field Marketing & Solutions Ltd
    Royal Quays, United Kingdom
    Contact Field Marketing are an award-winning company founded in 2002. Using a flexible approach, we work with clients to build strong working relationships, develop brands and increase market share. We manage both tactical and dedicated field teams nationwide who regularly visit stores to support activities such as merchandising, POS placement, compliance audits and product sampling. Our reporting system shows data and photos in real time. Regular field marketing visits raise brand awareness which is proven to show an uplift in sales. You have the product we have the people………….so let’s make contact!
  • Flexforce Limited
    Crawley, United Kingdom
    Flexforce are the UK’s leading field agency , combining years’ of experience with a flexible approach to a traditionally rigid industry. Working in partnership with our clients building long-lasting relationships. We offer what is known as tactical field marketing, we prefer to use the term flexible resourcing . Our approach allows you to be strategic using our data driven method to further enhance your brand dynamically at store level.
  • ShopSmart Agency Ltd
    Crawley, United Kingdom
    ShopSmart Agency are one of the UKs leading field marketing agencies. Operating data driven strategies with our clients ensuring the right stores are visited at the optimum frequencies, underpinned by our quality people and in house data capture system, we deliver a market leading return for our partners.
  • Primeline Sales & Marketing UK
    Warrington, United Kingdom
    Primeline Sales & Marketing partners with both the most-established and fastest-emerging food, drinks and household brands in the UK and Ireland. Our unrivalled experience has given us an exclusive insight into how these businesses work. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to provide bespoke strategic sales, marketing & distribution solutions, that build our clients’ brands in the UK and Irish marketplace across the multiple, convenience, independent, retail, pharmacy, wholesale and away from home channels.
  • The Quantic Group Ltd
    Fleet, United Kingdom
    From consulting and facilitating to coaching and training, we'll tailor our approach to meet your requirements - and the distinct needs of different audiences. Disciplined, creative and pragmatic. Our approach to problem solving ensures intellectual rigour, fresh thinking and real impact in the marketplace. For us, it's about providing solutions that work - and unlocking the potential of your people to leave you with highly motivated and more capable teams.
  • Appco Group UK
    London, United Kingdom
  • Avansa Ltd
    Witley, United Kingdom
  • CJ Retail Solutions
    Runcorn, United Kingdom
  • Cognosco Marketing - Food Service
    Haslemere, United Kingdom
  • Contact Marketing (NI) Ltd
    Randalstown, United Kingdom
  • Cosine UK
    Haddenham, United Kingdom
  • CPM
    Thame, United Kingdom
  • Dee Set
    Stoke-on-Trent, United Kingdom
  • Dig-In
    London, United Kingdom
  • Elevate Retail Solutions
    Windsor, United Kingdom
  • England Marketing
    Warboys, United Kingdom
  • eXPD8 Field Marketing Ltd
    Bristol, United Kingdom
  • Field Sales Solutions
    Thame, United Kingdom
  • GM Marketing Ireland Ltd
    Belfast, United Kingdom
  • Infinite Group
    Swindon, United Kingdom

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